I read the latest info on WCHP website about “why we should help the homeless”… to be honest it makes me feel physically sick, it keeps me awake at night, it effects my personal mental health… and I’m not even a homeless person in Worthing.

We see from WCHP all the great work they are doing and all the awful things other people do that cause homelessness:


They have bullied, abused and now made staff redundant… been found guilty of unfair dismissal, paid off staff they were too scared to go to court and accuse… and now they are making staff redundant…

I have lost all my faith in all the people who claim to “care”, MP’s, the Charity Commission, Worthing Council, etc, etc, etc…

They will win because no one cares, or if you do you are abused or ignored…


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Kind of update

Just in case people visit and don’t want to troll through all the posts to find out who the liars / abusers are, I thought I’d do a quick list:

Brendan Feeney – drug dealer and “friend” of young female clients, makes false statements to get staff sacked, threatens clients at the day center

Pualina Dyrda – has a few different names, allegedly has sexual relationships with senior managers, and lies to advance her career, lied and lied and lied in statements (entered the country illegally, and her husband does “cash in hand” work without declaring the tax)

Chris Dunn-Coleman – again a very good “friend” of young female clients, student social workers and young female staff… supposed Christian who lies and supports the behavior of Mr Feeney

Georgina Parish – lies in statements, gets her husband (who works for the NHS) to illegally look up information on WCHP clients

Ted Stoner, generally spineless, liar.

John Holmstrom, the conductor of the orchestra and instigator of bullying and abuse.

Special mention for Linda Rockall – Trustee – supporter of John Holmstrom and his bullying and abuse of staff

Special mention for Sally Roff – Trustee – again supporter of John Holmstrom and his bullying and abuse of staff.  Made an appearance at the employment tribunal against JM, proven to be incompetent, at best.

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WCHP Staff Lie to the Police

Okay, this is some new information that now have in my possession.

Before I start I believe that making a deliberate false statement to the Police is perverting the course of justice, or at the very least wasting Police time.

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to follow up on this so I’ll lift the carpet at the end of this post to make it easier for the people concerned to sweep it under.

This is a copy of part of a statement made to Sussex Police on 11/05/2015 by a member of WHCP Management.  To be clear, the statement is completely fabricated, however, unlike others we will stick to the bits that we can prove.

The statement is basically regarding alleged harassment by JM (see earlier in the blog), to do this the WCHP manager (who I won’t name, however, she’s Polish, entered the country illegally and benefited from JM’s dismissal) needed to have a motive for the harassment.

So, to back up the claim of harassment, it makes sense to establish a reason for the harassment, failing facts they’ll have a go at their tried and tested methods (fabrication).

This is a copy of the initial part of the statement (time stamps, etc are removed). Excuse the misspellings, but I’ve copied as written.




Okay, so, the  entire basis for the harassment is that JM was dismissed and lost at tribunal, therefore has an axe to grind.

That is 100% incorrect.  The Tribunal is a matter of record at Southampton Court.  So, I’ll lift the carpet now and WCHP and Sussex Police can sweep away!

Also the “SOME SORT OF DISCIPLINARY” seems to be an attempt for this person to distance themselves from the disciplinary, when they know full well what is was about because they instigated it.

Just one other thing to note is that Sussex Police took action off the back of these statements without checking any of the information or giving the accused a chance to challenge the statements.

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Worthing Churches Homeless Projects – Final Sellout

I would love to say that it’s a surprise, or finally a good move for the charity, however:

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects have moved their head office to Worthing Council Offices.

I find it hard to write about this for several reasons.

  1. As time goes on, I realise that mostly people don’t really give a shit
  2. WCHP fight for increase housing benefit for the clients, to expand the WCHP empire, rather than help the clients, and people don’t really give a shit
  3. WCHP support liars and cheats, and people don’t really give a shit
  4. WCHP use money that is supposed to support the homeless in Worthing to sack people they don’t like, and people don’t give a shit
  5. WCHP have hidden expenditure an lied about where funds have gone, and people don’t give a shit
  6. Homeless people have suffered on the streets because WCHP haven’t done what they’re funded for, and people don’t give a shit
  7. Some staff are allowed to threaten and bully clients and members of the public, and people don’t give a shit
  8. Some staff sell drugs to clients at the day centre, and people don’t give a shit
  9. Some staff at the day centre take vulnerable female clients away from the protection of WCHP for their own ends, and people don’t give a shit
  10. The CEO of WCHP allegedly was removed from his previous post for misconduct, people don’t give a shit

And now I am emotionally tired

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WCHP Where Does The Money Go?

This will be the first of a number of posts following the release of WCHP’s annual accounts.

I will be covering a few issues, for example, I always thought that the purpose of WCHP was to get clients into secure housing.  So the main statistic I would like to see is how many clients have been successfully moved on.

This was always part of the annual statement, however, now they only say how many people they worked with (this is also a very dubious statistic).  This, in my opinion is another indication of the new focus on generating income, rather than helping clients, you don’t get money for moving people on.  This is again reflected in the expenditure.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds invested in building, virtually no investment in moving clients on.

There is also a massive omission from the accounts.  I.e. the money spent on the employment tribunals, putting the trustee’s and the CE up in a nice hotel for the tribunal, the payout the unfairly dismissed staff, the payout to staff who they decided not to fight at tribunal…

More to follow shortly.

The accounts can be viewed here: WCHP Accounts

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WCHP to “Help” more people in Worthing

WCHP have applied to have their offices in Worthing converted into a 10 bed hostel

Application Ref: AWDM/0468/15

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects
13 Grafton Road,
West Sussex
BN11 1QP

This raises questions with me.  Firstly, as I’m sure you will have gathered, I have concerns regarding the individuals managing WCHP.  To let them have responsibility for more vulnerable adults I consider to be worrying.

Additionally, I have been told that WCHP will be moving into Council Offices. There are already concerns that WCHP is being controlled by the local council, and are therefore not working in the best interests of the homeless, but those of the council. Moving in to council offices seems not only to support these allegations, but will also increase the control the council has over WCHP as an organisation.

My final concern is that the building was only ever considered suitable for a 7 bed residence, however, WCHP now intend to cram 10 clients into this building.  I believe this building will not be staffed.  Historically WCHP have had significant issues with other residences were there is no staff presence, i.e. drinking and drug taking, fighting, general antisocial behavior.

Looks to me like another money making scheme, rather than a move to help the homeless of Worthing

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The Reality of Being Homeless Worthing

I have raised issues regarding the way that WCHP is being managed, and the impact this could be having on the homeless of Worthing.

This is the truth of being homeless in Worthing: Homeless Man Viciously Attacked in Worthing is this the result of the people responsible for helping them not doing their job?

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