People who don’t like the truth

This will be an ongoing list of people who have blocked me on social media, I have not been abusive and have only posted the facts so I assume they don’t like to hear the truth.


@wchp_news @WorthingTown




One Response to People who don’t like the truth

  1. Hi! My name is Bill, I live in Worthing and was very interested to read your blog. My last job before I retired was as a Manager in public sector Housing & I retain an interest in the issue of housing. I have always wondered about the Ethicacy of Worthing Churches as I have long felt that religious foundations get a lot of “blind eye” from regulators as they tend to assume that religious organisations & people are good & trustworthy. This is not necessarily the case, I am highly sceptical about such organisations due to the enduring hypocracy that hangs around Christians in particular. I would be interested to meet if you feel you can share your insight. My E mail is


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