WCHP – More “Foul Language”

During the Employment Tribunal WCHP’s legal representative made a big issue of the alleged use of the word “fuckwit”.  He even went to the effort to “look up the meaning of this word in the dictionary” and went on to explain that it meant a “a stupid or contemptible person”.  He then went on to quiz JM on her alleged use of this word and how serious WCHP felt this to be.  Oddly the alleged use was not against a client, or a member of staff, or a member of the public, but outside of work as a term to describe her husband*.

So we can assume that WCHP feel the alleged use of this word, even in a private conversation outside of work is something worthy of disciplinary action.

Image how seriously they would take it if one of their members of staff were to actually use it in a public forum?

Interesting to see a comment on Ted Stoner’s FB this week.


So, actual use of this highly offensive term, in a public forum. Add to this WCHP’s policy on Social Media usage I’m assuming it could be bad news for Mr Stoner.

However, as Mr Stoner is one of the “chosen few” I’m assuming his indiscretion will be treated the same as Mr Feeney’s (when he shouted “cunt” to JM and her partner prior to the Employment Tribunal), nothing will be done.

*JM wasn’t married.

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