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Reading more of Mr Holmstrom’s interview I find another quote particularly interesting

as he was deeply disturbed by the poor quality of life many members of the community struggled with. He felt he would be unable to enrich people’s spiritual lives when there were people who didn’t have the basics. That feeling has never gone away.

I can name several people, both the unfairly dismissed staff, constructively dismissed staff, the ex staff who have had false allegations made about them to agencies to try to ensure they could never work again (oddly the agency involved have thrown out the allegations as there was no evidence and no enquiry or investigation was carried out be WCHP, it was purely lies designed to damage this persons life), clients who have been threatened by staff, clients bullied out of the hostels, clients who would rather sleep rough than risk going into WCHP hostels…

I’m not convinced any of these people feel that their spiritual lives, or in fact any aspect of their lives, have been enriched by Mr Holmstrom’s actions.

I find it quite telling that having lost at tribunal, where it was proven that the charity behaved very badly and ultimately damaged the lives of innocent individuals, there has been no apology to any of the victims.  I can see that if WCHP had been successful at tribunal, there may be room for justification, although as Christians, improving peoples lives, you would hope the first action in each case would not be instant dismissal, followed up by actions designed to do the most possible damage to each individual.

Mr Holmstrom and WCHP show no remorse at all for their actions, I think this tells you more about the man than his interview.

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