Inconvenienced by WCHP?

I see that WCHP have a sign on the door of their closed shop in Durrington apologising for any inconvenience caused.

I’m not sure who they are apologising to.

Could it be the staff that have been made redundant (we know from WCHP’s own fund raising initiatives and website how redundancy can be a major cause of homelessness) or the ones who have had to fight in court to get compensation?

Could it be the clients, that were being trained as part of the ReRide project who have had that opportunity removed?

Could it be the people who have innocently donated money to the charity assuming it would be used to prepare the homeless of Worthing to reintegrate into society?

It’s definitely not the builders of Brighton who have received hundreds of thousands of pounds for rebuilding properties for WCHP.  The building in Grafton Road still sits empty after months of vacancy.

The fact that WCHP still invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in expanding their property portfolio, at the expense of staff and clients, shows that this is not a charitable organisation never-mind a christian one.

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