WCHP – The End is Near

The deterioration of Worthing Churches Homeless Projects continues.

Closure of ReRide, a project that helped retrain clients, gave them back some self asteem and was due to be a profitable venture according to a WSCC empolyee…


This will make several members of staff redundant.  Ultimately putting them in danger of becoming homeless.  There is a slight irony here that Jo Maxted’s husband was directly involved in bullying and the constructive dismissal of one member of staff and is now due to be made redundant from the charity…


What seems to be more important the WCHP CEO John Holmstrom is expanding his empire.  It seems clear that his mission is to become a Homeless Landlord, concentrating on building more accommodation at the cost of staff and the therapeutic services.

Annex at Byron Road, £140,000 shortfall.


However, work has started on the old offices in Grafton Road, the building appears to have been completely gutted and is planned to be more accommodation, at what cost?

I wonder how long it will be until WCHP is just an accommodation provider for Worthing Council?

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2 Responses to WCHP – The End is Near

  1. Betty says:

    Hello there , I just wanted to write to let you know that your header for this blog is not quite accurate as Beth Dismore’s Facebook post was her own opinion .It reads as it was understood as her own belief and may not be the truth ! She may even be making shit up out of the ether to try and damage WCHP herself ! .. Truthful whisperings would need to contact WCHP to check /verify that her understanding correct. She may have it all wrong! …


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