Kind of update

Just in case people visit and don’t want to troll through all the posts to find out who the liars / abusers are, I thought I’d do a quick list:

Brendan Feeney – drug dealer and “friend” of young female clients, makes false statements to get staff sacked, threatens clients at the day center

Pualina Dyrda – has a few different names, allegedly has sexual relationships with senior managers, and lies to advance her career, lied and lied and lied in statements (entered the country illegally, and her husband does “cash in hand” work without declaring the tax)

Chris Dunn-Coleman – again a very good “friend” of young female clients, student social workers and young female staff… supposed Christian who lies and supports the behavior of Mr Feeney

Georgina Parish – lies in statements, gets her husband (who works for the NHS) to illegally look up information on WCHP clients

Ted Stoner, generally spineless, liar.

John Holmstrom, the conductor of the orchestra and instigator of bullying and abuse.

Special mention for Linda Rockall – Trustee – supporter of John Holmstrom and his bullying and abuse of staff

Special mention for Sally Roff – Trustee – again supporter of John Holmstrom and his bullying and abuse of staff.  Made an appearance at the employment tribunal against JM, proven to be incompetent, at best.

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