WCHP Where Does The Money Go?

This will be the first of a number of posts following the release of WCHP’s annual accounts.

I will be covering a few issues, for example, I always thought that the purpose of WCHP was to get clients into secure housing.  So the main statistic I would like to see is how many clients have been successfully moved on.

This was always part of the annual statement, however, now they only say how many people they worked with (this is also a very dubious statistic).  This, in my opinion is another indication of the new focus on generating income, rather than helping clients, you don’t get money for moving people on.  This is again reflected in the expenditure.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds invested in building, virtually no investment in moving clients on.

There is also a massive omission from the accounts.  I.e. the money spent on the employment tribunals, putting the trustee’s and the CE up in a nice hotel for the tribunal, the payout the unfairly dismissed staff, the payout to staff who they decided not to fight at tribunal…

More to follow shortly.

The accounts can be viewed here: WCHP Accounts

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