WCHP to “Help” more people in Worthing

WCHP have applied to have their offices in Worthing converted into a 10 bed hostel

Application Ref: AWDM/0468/15

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects
13 Grafton Road,
West Sussex
BN11 1QP

This raises questions with me.  Firstly, as I’m sure you will have gathered, I have concerns regarding the individuals managing WCHP.  To let them have responsibility for more vulnerable adults I consider to be worrying.

Additionally, I have been told that WCHP will be moving into Council Offices. There are already concerns that WCHP is being controlled by the local council, and are therefore not working in the best interests of the homeless, but those of the council. Moving in to council offices seems not only to support these allegations, but will also increase the control the council has over WCHP as an organisation.

My final concern is that the building was only ever considered suitable for a 7 bed residence, however, WCHP now intend to cram 10 clients into this building.  I believe this building will not be staffed.  Historically WCHP have had significant issues with other residences were there is no staff presence, i.e. drinking and drug taking, fighting, general antisocial behavior.

Looks to me like another money making scheme, rather than a move to help the homeless of Worthing

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