WCHP – Trustees

In my opinion, and possibly only my opinion, trustees should be trustworthy, reliable members of the community.

I know that certain organisations would dismiss loyal members of staff based on flimsy evidence.  So these organisations would be, I would assume, very strict on their trustees.  As the trustees set the example and ethos for the whole organisation.

In fairness I do not have evidence, I know this doesn’t bother WCHP but I kind of worry about that kind of thing, that this is the same Ronald Skipp, although it seems highly likely.

From the Worthing Herald

“Ronald Skipp, 61, of Wyke Avenue, Worthing, was fined £133 for failing to comply with a red traffic light.”

Ronald Skipp was a trustee for WCHP January 2015, and as far as I’m aware this is still the case.

Now I’m not one to sensationalise reports, however, I do know that people have suffered fatal injury due to such an offence.

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