WCHP – At Last, Something Specific

One of the issues with the “evidence” in the statements against JM was that there are very few specifics.  There’s a lot of “I think that”, “in my opinion”,”I have no evidence, but it seems to me”, etc.

JM was the former Housing Manager at WCHP who was dismissed for gross misconduct. At tribunal it was decided that the dismissal was unfair.

So, when we finally get an actual example, of an actual event, suddenly we have something we can look at.  This is an extract from one of the project workers statements:


So, here we have something we can work with.  Okay, so the PW’s not so sure of the date of the meeting on 17 Dec 2013 (but this can be looked up), but at least we have a definite date of the second meeting.  This will allow us to actually go to the other people who were at the meeting and see if we can substantiate this allegation!

Oh, hang on… bit of a problem there.  JM was suspended on 18th January 2014.  Does this means that she’s committed a far more serious act of misconduct by attending meetings while she’s suspended?

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