WCHP – Still Not Letting The Facts Get In The Way

Below is yet another extract from the statement by the now Supported Housing Services Manager of WCHP Chris Dunn-Coleman (promoted since the departure of JM).

JM was the former Housing Manager at WCHP who was dismissed for gross misconduct. At tribunal it was decided that the dismissal was unfair.

We will continue to look closer at Mr Dunn-Coleman’s statement over the next few days.

This quote apparently shows, favouritism of a client by JM.

Again we see JM overthrowing a decision at appeal, thus showing this client to be her favourite!

g3110 Again, a couple of points to raise. Firstly, the Carol mentioned was the CE of WCHP at that time.  Showing that this wasn’t a lone decision by JM.

Yet again though, this is not the most significant issue with this extract. More importantly, this wasn’t a decision by JM at all.  JM didn’t hear the appeal for this client.  In fact she had nothing to do with the appeal at all, this was heard by Niall Read, another manager, did he have this client as a favourite as well?  I’m assuming so, or the appeal would clearly have not been upheld, according to Mr Dunn-Coleman.

And don’t forget, this Mr Dunn-Coleman is now the most senior manager at WCHP, a Christian Charity looking after vulnerable adults.

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