WCHP – Don’t Get Too Worried About the Evidence Matching the Allegations

Below is an extract from the statement by the now Supported Housing Services Manager of WCHP Chris Dunn-Coleman (promoted since the departure of JM).

There are many aspects of Mr Dunn-Coleman’s statement that I’ll be looking at, but I’ve decided to make them separate posts.

We can clearly see below that JM refused access to a client for being too pretty.  No only did she do this but she actually wrote this in the notes on the CMS (Client Management System), “There it was in black and white”, denying access to a client for being “a bit too pretty”!


So lets see this in black and white (notes from Inform the CMS)


So there it is!  In black and white, incredible! Somewhere…

JM does state that the client’s presence may be unsettling.  Remember back in the days before John Holmstrom there were risk assessments for the clients, and it’s possible that this client could have been put at risk by being placed in the hostel (there have been reported rapes and assaults in the hostels).  Moreover, the client was not homeless and was “safe with her boyfriend”, why put her at any risk at all?

But lets not let the truth get in the way of a good old fashioned stitch-up.

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