WCHP – What Constitutes Bullying?

If you’re an organisation that has a member of staff that’s worked their way up from project worker to Manager in the space of nine years I’d assume you’d value that member of staff.  So, if you were to dismiss them, you would want some good, strong, reasons and evidence.

You’ve suspended the member of staff in question.  Your policy states that suspension shouldn’t be for more than 7 days.  However, in this case you feel that 6 months is okay so you can investigate fully.

After the months are up, one of the reasons for dismissing the member of staff for gross misconduct is bullying of staff.  With several months to gather information, you’d clearly have quite a weight of evidence to support this.

However, when you have to defend this allegation at tribunal, you present the following as evidence of bullying of staff.

“JM stated in a supervision that a member of staff had ‘lost their spark'”

And that’s it… nothing more… the entire evidence of staff bullying after months of investigation is stating that a member of staff ‘lost their spark’

I will be posting the Judges comments at a later date when I receive the document, however, it’s fair to say that he didn’t feel this was sufficient.

Just to remind you, WCHP works with vulnerable adults, if they do this to a valued member of staff, I wouldn’t like to be a client.

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