WCHP – It’s Okay For Our Staff To Call You A C**T

The letter below was Hand Delivered to WCHP on 12/01/2015. No response was forthcoming from WCHP, despite the fact that the letter was sent to the Chief Executive and copied to all the Trustees and the HR Manager.

A response was finally obtained from John Holmstrom (CE) after the letter was sent again to WCHP for the attention of the PR and Fundraising Manager asking for a response. The response can be seen after the letter.

Note: this incident took place after JM had been dismissed from WCHP as was waiting to go to Tribunal. Both Employee X and Employee Y were instrumental in the dismissal of JM.

(if you’ve not read the previous posts, JM was the former Housing Manager at WCHP who was dismissed for gross misconduct. At tribunal it was decided that the dismissal was unfair).

GH is JM’s partner, who incidentally volunteered for WCHP for nearly 10 years.

Please note that the letter contains offensive language.

Dear Mr Holmstrom,

We would like to bring to your attention an incident that occurred today (09/01/2015) involving Employee X, JM and me (GH).

At approximately 12:10, we were walking west along Rowland’s Road.  As we passed the South end of Byron Road, we saw Employee Y and Employee X talking next to what I believe is Employee X’s Silver VW Van.  In order to avoid any potential confrontation JM and I went into the Cat’s Protection Charity Shop on Rowland’s Road.  We remained in the shop until we saw that Employee Y had left and disappeared towards Worthing Town Centre.  Employee X had gotten into his vehicle and was sitting in the driver’s seat.  We waited a bit longer to see if he was going to drive off, but it appeared that he was intending to remain parked in his vehicle.  We left the Cat’s Protection Charity Shop at approximately 12:20 and walked east, up Rowland’s Road towards the Town Centre.  After we had walked approximately 50 meters Employee X slowed up alongside us in the Silver VW Van and shouted “you’re a cunt” at us from the vehicle and then drove East up Rowland’s Road.  I am unsure if this comment was directed at JM or me.  We crossed to the other side of the road (near to Gala Bingo) as we intended to go into the CO-OP, Employee X slowed his vehicle as though he intended to stop, and then drove off.

As we are now well aware WCHP take a very serious view of the use of foul language within the confines of the organisation .  I am sure you will appreciate that as members of the public we do not expect to be verbally assaulted by WCHP employees while we are going about our normal day-to-day activities.  JM has suffered significant health issues following the treatment of WCHP during her suspension and resulting dismissal.  These issues have had a significant impact on her self-confidence, and such threatening behaviour from your employees is completely unacceptable.

We will be discussing this incident with our legal team to establish whether this will form part of our case for the tribunal, or whether we will treat it separately.

Yours sincerely



cc            Jennifer Hutton,

Linda Rockall,

Father J Eldridge,

Sally Roff,

C Fletcher,

M Hodson,

A Maggs,

J Saunders,

R Skipp,

T Wolstenholme

Response from John Holmstrom (click on image for larger version)

JH Email Response

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