WCHP – Corruption, Lies & Cover-up

A scan of the letter below, and the comments, were sent to me by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

JM was the former Housing Manager at WCHP who was dismissed for gross misconduct. At tribunal it was decided that the dismissal was unfair.

The letter below was sent to WCHP during an investigation into allegations made against JM. Client X was one of the people who raised complaints against JM. This letter was completely disregarded by WCHP and deemed “not material”.


<name and address removed>

“I was walking down Salisbury Road with my friend <name removed> when we saw the person as we know to be Client X. As he approached us it seemed like he was eager to say or tell us something. So I asked what was wrong. He just smiled, laughed and said I got her, she’s finished. When I asked what he meant he said he had gotten JM suspended for breach of confidentiality. He then went on to say that a drug worker at Worthing Churches Homeless Projects had been encouraging him to pursue the matter further with promises that his housing needs would be met. I then asked Client X what was going to happen he told me that JM had to go to a tribunal but that it was just a formality because she would be leaving Worthing Churches whatever the outcome. He then went on to say that he had been trying to get JM out of the project since he had arrived and from his point of view she should never be a manager.”

<section removed to ensure confidentiality of witness>

“I then informed Client X that as JM had not had her tribunal it was not a good idea to be talking about it to anybody that would listen. Client X then just walked away down the street laughing. Over the last couple of months there have been various people asking me about JM and when I ask how they know about it they all have said that Client X told them. Prior to speaking to Client X I had no knowledge whatsoever about JM “

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