Jobs at Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

I notice that WCHP are currently advertising for a number of staff.  I’m assuming this is partially to replace the ones that they didn’t like that they’ve now got rid of.  And the 20 plus who have coincidentally left since the appointment of the new CE.

Some things that the adverts don’t tell you:

You’ll need to be happy to work with clients who have no current risk assessment.

You will be expected to work with clients who are openly drinking in the hostels (despite what you may be told).  Some even bring their friends back for a few beers and to watch the TV.  And don’t worry about the odd legal high, it’s all fine.

If you book a client out for aggression towards you, you must be prepared for that client to be readmitted to the hostel a few days later, not sure what message this sends to the clients.

Don’t stand too close to the outside of the building, as it’s possible that a client may throw a TV through the window.

Be prepared to work with clients who are not able, or ready to engage.  Some may have severe mental health problems.  So once the hostels are full, that’s it.  As a fix to this, WCHP are trying to build more rooms, so they can fill them with more clients that can’t be worked with.

There are many instances that have been reported to me, however, I want to stick to the ones that mean the members of staff cannot be identified, as they are don’t want to be added to the list of dismissed ones.

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