Risk Assessments, Optional?

I’m sure that if you work with any client group you would appreciate the need for risk assessments.

Whether you are a shop owner who has to allow the public into their store, or a hospital dealing with potentially vulnerable people.  Your environment can present a risk to them, or they could present a risk to other clients or staff.

A homeless client group, as with most other groups, could contain people who are vulnerable to, or could present, a significant risk. Many of the street homeless may have been involved in drug or alcohol use, theft, or violence.  Some may be the perpetrators of crime, some may be the victims.

As an organisation dealing with the street homeless it is important to assess the risk that any potential client may present to other clients, staff, or themselves. WCHP have, under the new regime, decided that risk assessments are no longer required.

Personally I feel this puts all the clients, staff and volunteers at significant risk.

Specific examples will follow.

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