WCHP Takes Credit for Increase in Rough Sleepers

Only John Holmstrom of WCHP could have the front to imply that an increase in rough sleeping is an indicator that the charity is succeeding.  Rough sleeping is not like Domestic Violence, where an increase in reports does not necessarily indicate an increase in frequency.  Rough sleepers are quite literally out in the open.

The quotes below are taken from comments made to the Worthing Herald (Worthing Herald Article).

wchp jh

I guess it’s no different to many of Mr Holmstrom’s assertions in the past, twisted to fit his purpose.  So is the message “Give us more funding, and we can create more homeless!”


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WCHP – Zero Hour Contracts

Many thanks to Ronnie for pointing out that Worthing Churches Homeless Projects (WCHP) are employing staff on Zero Hour Contracts


Full document here: WCHP Job Details (until they remove it)

Here is what Centrepoint a leading Homeless Charity has to say about Zero Hour Contracts and their link to homelessness.

Zero-hours contracts are trapping young people in homelessness, a leading charity has warned.

Centrepoint has told The Independent that the controversial but increasingly common contracts are making it harder for 16 to 25-year-olds to escape homelessness and more likely for them to be saddled with rent arrears leading them being evicted.

Full article: Zero-hours contracts ‘trapping young people in homelessness’, charity warns


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WCHP – Where is the Money Going?

Many people will be aware of ReRide, a project that not only generated income, but helped recycle unwanted bicycles, provided affordable bikes to the community, and more importantly help with client rehabilitation.

‘ReRide is just the sort of project that Worthing Community Chest is looking to support’ Worthing Community Chest Trustee, Fred Weller commented ‘By providing re-skilling across the age and social spectrum it adds so much to the self confidence and personal worth of those who take part. In doing so it cannot help but contribute to the wellbeing of the wider community in Worthing. And the end products, the bikes that are re-constructed and put up for sale are brilliant! A tremendous reflection on the work and commitment of everyone involved.

Quote from Worthing Community Chest

Not only does the project give WCHP clients a sense of worth and the opportunity to give something back it provides training, qualification and a stepping stone back to the full working environment as well as a lot of fun. The quality restored bikes themselves play their part as most are sold to people on lower incomes to enable them to get to and from work or to improve their general health and wellbeing.

Quote from LinkIn Paul Maxted (Former Retail Manager)

From my Previous Blog Post you will see my disappointment at the closure of ReRide, which I believe significantly contributed to the death of a WCHP client.

As you can see from the quote below from WCHP’s own end of year statement the project was not considered financially viable.  I know this to be untrue, however I am unable to publish the evidence, so you can believe me or not.  Also see the comments from Beth Dismore in the link above, again one individual has questioned the accuracy of Beth Dismore’s statement, so you will have to decide for yourselves.

Retail 1

What I can tell you is that the opening line of the financial statement in the same document states:

Retail 2

So I’m not sure how much money would have been required to keep this “absolutely fantastic project” going?

What value do you put on transforming the lives of clients, rather than placing them in a hostel and raking in the benefits?

WCHP End of Year Accounts

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Deputy Manager- New Homelessness Accommodation Service – WCHP

Nice to see that WCHP have been given a 37 bed house in Worthing to “help” more people.

Please read the blog before you’re tempted to apply for the role of “Deputy Manager- New Homelessness Accommodation Service”

Advert here: https://www.homeless.org.uk/jobs/worthing-churches-homeless-projects-deputy-manager-new-homelessness-accommodation-service

As always, notice that the advert concentrates on how much money the “charity” now makes, rather then how many clients are helped.

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WCHP Priority is Money and Property

In the days before John Holmstrom WCHP had a different direction.  Their focus was on helping the homeless of Worthing. This included working with the clients to help them reintegrate into society.  Rehabilitation was a major purpose of the charity.

Since Mr Holmstrom’s arrival, things have been very different.  He is focused on building an empire for his own gratification.  I wish his former employers would come forward and be honest about why he no longer works there.  I know from senior members of Brighton Housing Trust that he “jumped before he was pushed”.  Although these people, who also claim to be “working in the best interests of the clients” would rather keep quiet and not rock the boat.

My concern has been on the impact on the homeless community of Worthing, as should be Mr Holmstrom’s.  However, to him they are a commodity.

I heard an update recently on a WCHP client that I knew very well.

This client had a history of alcohol misuse that had seriously affected his life. When WCHP started the bike project at their Durrington shop he was heavily involved.  He worked at least 5 days a week, for no money, servicing and repairing bikes for WCHP.  He was given the responsibility for ordering bike parts and managing the servicing, this had a massive impact on his life.  He had a real sense of purpose, he felt that he could hold his head up, give something back, and deserve some respect.  He was planning long term to start his own bicycle repair business.

For some reason, it was decided by the senior management team that this was no longer appropriate.  This client was told that WCHP would stop servicing bikes and that he could only work one day a week.  This had a devastating impact on him.  Not only had his daily purpose been removed, but he felt that all the work he had put in was being discarded, and again enforcing his lack of worth.  I remember him saying that he didn’t know how he would cope with this removed from him.

Shortly after Mr Holmstrom chose to close the bike project, as it didn’t fit into his housing empire, and ultimately the Durrington shop.

The news I received regarding this client is that he is now deceased.  He deteriorated, and went back to his previous behaviours.  Personally, I put this entirely at the feet of Mr Holmstrom.  WCHP supported, helped, and gave this client a reason to live, a hope for the future.  Then they stole it away, effectively destroying his life.

I can’t name him, but I feel physically sick that an organisation that pretends to help people can abandon people to their death

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WCHP – More “Foul Language”

During the Employment Tribunal WCHP’s legal representative made a big issue of the alleged use of the word “fuckwit”.  He even went to the effort to “look up the meaning of this word in the dictionary” and went on to explain that it meant a “a stupid or contemptible person”.  He then went on to quiz JM on her alleged use of this word and how serious WCHP felt this to be.  Oddly the alleged use was not against a client, or a member of staff, or a member of the public, but outside of work as a term to describe her husband*.

So we can assume that WCHP feel the alleged use of this word, even in a private conversation outside of work is something worthy of disciplinary action.

Image how seriously they would take it if one of their members of staff were to actually use it in a public forum?

Interesting to see a comment on Ted Stoner’s FB this week.


So, actual use of this highly offensive term, in a public forum. Add to this WCHP’s policy on Social Media usage I’m assuming it could be bad news for Mr Stoner.

However, as Mr Stoner is one of the “chosen few” I’m assuming his indiscretion will be treated the same as Mr Feeney’s (when he shouted “cunt” to JM and her partner prior to the Employment Tribunal), nothing will be done.

*JM wasn’t married.

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WCHP Blog 2

Reading more of Mr Holmstrom’s interview I find another quote particularly interesting

as he was deeply disturbed by the poor quality of life many members of the community struggled with. He felt he would be unable to enrich people’s spiritual lives when there were people who didn’t have the basics. That feeling has never gone away.

I can name several people, both the unfairly dismissed staff, constructively dismissed staff, the ex staff who have had false allegations made about them to agencies to try to ensure they could never work again (oddly the agency involved have thrown out the allegations as there was no evidence and no enquiry or investigation was carried out be WCHP, it was purely lies designed to damage this persons life), clients who have been threatened by staff, clients bullied out of the hostels, clients who would rather sleep rough than risk going into WCHP hostels…

I’m not convinced any of these people feel that their spiritual lives, or in fact any aspect of their lives, have been enriched by Mr Holmstrom’s actions.

I find it quite telling that having lost at tribunal, where it was proven that the charity behaved very badly and ultimately damaged the lives of innocent individuals, there has been no apology to any of the victims.  I can see that if WCHP had been successful at tribunal, there may be room for justification, although as Christians, improving peoples lives, you would hope the first action in each case would not be instant dismissal, followed up by actions designed to do the most possible damage to each individual.

Mr Holmstrom and WCHP show no remorse at all for their actions, I think this tells you more about the man than his interview.

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